Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nothing can save you from Mister White

"When a group of popular college students chose bizarre Tyler Rooney as the new target for their juvenile pranks, Tyler seeks out a mambo (voodoo priestess) and performs an ancient hoodoo ritual to unleash bloodthirsty "Mister White" to exact a brutal revenge and punish them all for their sins"

This is another film that I've had the pleasure and opportunity to watch in advance, and this one's a memorable one to say the least. This film tells the story of bullying and the effect it has on people. The lengths people are willing to go to amuse themselves at someone else's expense and humiliation, and the lengths people are willing to go to not be made a victim anymore are spoken loud and clear. This story is absolutely relevant in today's society and that's the beauty of it and what makes it so tragic. We have people killing themselves on a daily basis due to being made to feel like they're garbage by people who are stronger and better looking. It's an epidemic. 

What if you didn't have to kill yourself or drop out of school to avoid being belittled? What if you could raise an evil to avenge all the wrong that's been done to you, would you do it? This movie tells that story, and it's heartachingly told in brilliant and demented way.

How far are you willing to go to not be victimized anymore? We find out how far Tyler's willing to go and what his breaking point is. Thing is, regardless of how far he takes his vengeance, the viewer still sides with him, hoping that every last one of the bullies get their just desserts. Watching the film tears your heart out but then puts an evil grin on your face. Watching Tyler getting abused and bullied is gut wrenching and sickening, and was shot very well and truly makes you sympathize with him. The conclusion is extreme, but after watching him get pissed on and beat to hell and back on several occasions, a big nasty payoff is the only thing that could set his situation straight.

Tyler is one of those guys that just wants to be alone and do his own thing, but is literally followed and hounded by a group that has nothing to do with their time but push someone to the very edge of extreme depression. I never stood for bullying growing up, so when I saw these scenes I couldn't help but think of how I would have had the guts to help him out, had I been there. He is literally abused and embarrassed in every possible way you can imagine, and it isn't overdone or exploited. It just shows you how much someone can take that type of humiliation before they have nothing left to lose and decide to push back hard.

When Mister White is brought back to wreak havoc you can't help but have the jitters, waiting to see what he'll do and where he'll come from. Then you're anxiously awaiting how the gang of  bullies are going to get picked off one at a time, and hoping they suffer. The thing is, they don't deserve to die, killing them isn't vengeance. Vengeance would be doing to them what was done to Tyler. Raising Mister White takes things to a hardcore level that's sinister, but Tyler is completely broken and all he lives for at this point is to see them die. The focus is on what people are willing to do to feel empowered and have the upper hand. 

Mister White is a horror film villain you'll remember for years to come. He's eerie as hell looking and keeps you on the edge of your seat. His backstory is very enjoyable and well told. He and Tyler make a Malevolent duo to say the least. It's crushing to see Tyler resort to sinking so low, but it's also what he feels he has to do. It's not like Mister White was his first option, he was forced into doing it by the sadism of the "cool crowd"

The gore in this movie isn't abundant, but this isn't a gore movie. It's a beautifully told revenge story and Andy J. Salgado does a great job as the lead character and really brings charisma to the role of Tyler. The supporting cast does a great job as well. It's a bunch of good looking, young actors and actresses acting their hearts out and it's all around a job well done.

Erica Summers wrote this film as well as produce and direct it and she does a fine job. What stands out to me the most is that you can tell this was written by a female, it has that certain touch to it that allows you to see deeper into the characters than most male directors would have showed. Erica focuses on the emotional tone of this movie, not just the revenge part and my hat goes off to her. We need more female directors in horror if you ask me. They have a different standpoint than most directors today do, and we need some new fresh blood in horror. 

"Mister White" is a film that falls into the same category as "Pumpkinhead" and "I Spit on you Grave". If you dig revenge horror films then you need to watch this. Even better, if you like seeing bullies get what's coming to them than you'll fall in love. This film appeals to the teenage angst we all have or had in the past and the need to do something of big proportions to vent it. It isn't a perfect film, but it's damn good.




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