Friday, May 31, 2013

Hannibal: episode 10 "Buffet Froid"


What I like about this weeks episode is that Will Graham is the main focus, the killing and story are the background picture. This episode we got to see exactly how far Will is slipping into insanity, and I found some of it to be hair-rising.

A woman is murdered by someone under her bed. After Will relives the crime scene, he sees Hannibal about losing touch with reality. Hannibal gives Will a note pad and tells him to draw a clock with the arrows pointing at 7 o'clock while stating where he is. It's a tactic used to ground someone who doesn't know if they're awake or dreaming. Will draws the clock perfectly and passes it to Hannibal and when we see what Will really drew, it's nothing close to a perfect clock. The numbers are all over the place and they aren't even going in a circle. This tells us that Will's grasp on reality is slipping away worse than we thought.

Will undergoes MRI's to check his brain for anything out of the ordinary, only for us to later find out that Hannibal and the doctor conducting the MRI's are working together against Will. I liked that Lecter and the doctor were working together, it added that touch of cruelty that was needed. It also goes to show that Hannibal knows exactly what's happening to Will, and he's allowing it to happen. Good twist.

When another murder happens, this time the victim being Will's doctor, Will is able to put it together that their killer can't see faces. 

Will draws another clock for Hannibal and it's the same. Looks perfect to Will, but in reality it's way off. Yet again, I loved this element. We knew Will was bad off, but this is something worse than we thought.

Will finds the killer, a female, and grabs her arm as she flees, only to have her skin slip off of her arm. After testing, the doctors say that the murderer has a bad skin condition. My first impression was that she was a skin crawler aka shapeshifter. But I knew this show wouldn't got that far into sci-fi.

Once Will goes home, he realizes that his dogs are barking at something under his bed as he's trying to sleep. He finds the murderer under his bed. Hiding. Scared. They take her for tests, and the episode ends with you seeing Hannibal kill Will's doctor and hand the scissors to the murderer, framing her. Due to her not being able to read faces, she can't identify him. Again, good twist and character development. I'm liking this show more and more every damn week. I really hope it gets renewed for a 2nd season!



  1. Thanks for the review. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear it has been renewed for Season 2, 13 more episodes! :)

  2. Oh hell yeah! Thank you for sharing!


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